Over the last 5 years, we have marked August 5th every year with the Warriorthon, in honour and memory of the day our honoree Sonia Nabeta joined the angels. 

The Warriorthon is an energy and love-filled celebration of life, a testament of our ability to overcome adversity. However, this year is different: Africa is still under siege by COVID-19. While the rest of the world is springing forward into normalcy, yielding the positive impact of mass vaccinations, several countries remain under strict lockdown. Beyond their significant economic impact, these lockdowns are deeply affecting the most vulnerable - our warriors are facing an overwhelming amount of multi-layered risks.

With these realities in mind, we are taking a different approach to our Warriorthon this year. Inspired by an incredible display of selflessness, resilience and resourcefulness, we are choosing this year to shed an important spotlight on a warrior who has turned the last 18 months out of school into a time to hone her skills and create a product that gives back to her own community! We are calling it a “Support-A-Warrior”thon.

Her name is Hamidah Nabakka, and she has now lived with diabetes for 16 years. She has been a beneficiary of the Sonia Nabeta Foundation’s programs since our first programmatic offering in August 2016. A natural leader and community builder, Hamidah has spent the last year out of school in a self-developed internship, hand-making "Afrobetes Bags": bags for all your diabetes supplies, out of recycled denim and African fabric. Did we mention she made all the bags by hand?

This is Hamidah's Story

Afrobetes Bag

Made from recycled denim and African fabric
L 8” x H 4” x W 1”
All sales are final